No Place for Humans (Working Title)

This is a single-player retro sci-fi stealth puzzle adventure:

A human Pioneer ship has been shot down on a planet populated by androids who have been trained to hate organic life, and are very protective of their “perfect” society.  In order to escape the planet, the maintenance robot from the ship must go around the city to rescue the crew members from various awkward situations while also collecting parts for a new ship, all while avoiding being captured himself.

After transferring the original ship AI from the crash site to the new ship, rescuing enough of the crew, and collecting enough parts, the planet’s defense system must be disabled so the crew can get away on their new ship.  To do this, the player must infiltrate the Tower – an imposing fortress at the center of the city – which is the lair of the android leader, and save the ship captain in the process.

Concept Art